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The holidays are over, school is back in session and your teen is still driving you mad!

So many parents hope and pray, with each day - week - month - maybe after the holidays, after this or after that, things will get better.... Sometimes they do - however most of the time, the behavior seems to escalate.

As a parent you will go back to trying local therapy, if you can convince your teen to attend - maybe find peer support groups.  Then maybe out-patient, in-patient - maybe they think a few meds will do the trick.....

Yes, I am being a bit facetious.  I am not someone that is against medication when it is needed, but I see too often that teens are given mood stabilizers or anti-depressants so quickly.  (This happened with my own child) - when in reality we are dealing with kids today that have spoiled rotten brats - entitlement issues - and teens today that simple act-out when they don't get their own way?

After parents have exhausted all their local resources, usually including relatives (like I did), seeking outside help, such as a residential program is the next step.

You get online and oh my gosh, you are are so confused! 

Sure, you can hire an educational consultant for thousands of dollars, but who's corner are they in?  Did you know prior to working in this "teen help" industry, they are professionals that worked for those that could afford, fill out college applications, select colleges etc.... Then with the wave of technology this career seemed to diminish --- in comes the times of troubled teens with tech and entitlement issues.

I am not against educational consultants, but parents, you do know your child best, and this is something you can do.  There are actually more good programs out there than there are not.   Most EC's will immediately tell you your teen needs to complete a wilderness program before they go to a residential program.  Shouldn't they start and finish with the same therapist?  Why do they need to repeat their issues - and further more --- why do you have to pay twice?

I made a lot of mistakes, but I encourage you all to learn from them. 

On my site, I have helpful hints and questions to ask schools and programs when searching for schools and programs. 

Remember, first and foremost is what is most important for your family and your individual child.

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