Spoiled Rotten Brat Syndrome: Good Kids, Bad Choices

Let's face it, many parents experience a happy baby that bounces into a toddler and enjoys their elementary years only to leap into the teenage time of turmoil.  What happens?  Where did that bubbling, fun-loving child go?

Today's generation of entitlement is a new breed.  It's true - parents want to give kids what they didn't have when they were younger, but they need to remember they still need the foundation of an upbringing.

Many of us were brought up with respecting our parents, teachers and elders in general.  We would never dream to talk back to a person in authority - even if we didn't like or respect them.

If our parent told us to be home at 10pm, we were home at 10pm.  There was never a screaming match or a debate.

Today teenagers believe they can rule the homes.

The recent case that is splashing across the headlines it he Rachel Canning story.  Thankfully the ruled for the parents. 

“Do we want to establish a precedent where parents live in basic fear of establishing rules of the house?”

Exactly!  We would have a nation of teens controlling their parents!

Many parents call with a very smart teen, athletic, good looking, etc... suddenly they are hanging out with a negative peer group, underachieving in school, smoking pot, drinking, or simply making really bad choices.

It is wise to start with local resources and counseling.  Sadly in many situations, the one-on-one therapy once or even twice a week rarely makes a difference with a defiant teenager.

However I encourage all parents to try, since there some kids that are receptive to therapy.

After all local resources have been exhausted some parents try the residential therapy route.  This is usually more successful since it removes your teen from the negative influences.  It can give them an opportunity to focus on their issues without distractions.

Either way, parents need to understand, you are in control and teens should not be dictating your household rules to you.

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