Sunday, April 19, 2015

Teens Mind Your Keystrokes

As PEW Research study said that 92% of teens are online daily in their recent report, it also said 24% of teens admitting they are on constantly.

It also gave us insight to their cell phone usage.  88% of teens now have or have access to smartphones or cell phones.  90% of them text on a regular basis with an average of 30 texts per day.

With all this digital life, offline parenting is keep to helping teens make better online choices.  

Recently Signe Whitson wrote an excellent piece in Huffington Post about how to help kids and teens use their smartphones safely and prevent cyberbullying.

She offered ten strategies from having rules to netiquette.  Which is about your child's digital citizenship.

In reality, we live in a society where a digital footprint can literally determine your future. Keystrokes and the way you use them matter.