Teen Help: When Parents Struggle Finding Trustworthy Treatment

Do you have a good teen making bad choices?
Have they changed their peer group?
Withdrawn from family activities?
Underachieving in school?
Dropping out of their favorite sport groups or clubs?
Are they obsessed or addicted to their devices?
Do you suspect drug use?

Have you exhausted your local resources, therapy isn't working - have you tried a hospital stay, they won't take the medication. Out-patient therapy failed.....

Residential therapy has been very successful for many family's - but it can be very scary if you are online reading the haunting stories that some former students (with a chip on their shoulder) or otherwise have written. I frequently educate parents - that they need to do their due diligence - the 'teen-help' industry is a big business, you need to know who you're talking to and what's their motivation.

Since 2001, we've helped educate parents on this industry. I was that parent that was scammed and duped by 'sales-reps' (that are still out there) in another agency - selling programs -  rather than caring about what's in the best interest of a child. My daughter become a victim of theirs. Thankfully I won a major lawsuit - so I have substantiated evidence when I speak or write about my story.

When we read about disgruntled kids or parents - you have to understand that not everyone will have good experiences - but to condemn every program - because you had a bad experience is wrong. Parents need options.

It's why I decided - after winning my lawsuit I wanted to find the decent programs that are helping kids - not harming them.

It's about learning from my experiences - gaining from my knowledge. I don't base things on fear - but on knowledge.

For almost two decade I've helped nearly 100,000 families - so it's really disturbing when we report on programs that continuously get negative reviews from parents - that will say that we endorse them. Any parent that speaks with us knows - when are extremely selective, when a program comes through our system more than a dozen times with less than positive feedback - we have to start putting red flags on it. We simply tell other interested parents to dig deeper! They usually find what they need to know.

Contact www.helpyourteens.com for more information. We can help educate you too.

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