Sue Scheff: Citizen Leadership and Teens

As American citizens, we find ourselves in a privileged and unique position as members of the most powerful Democratic state in the entire world. But the luxuries we enjoy in this country come with a powerful responsibility—the responsibility of positive citizenship.

We must all embrace our unique ability to be good citizens, and we must maintain our civic duty by helping the community around us through positive civic involvement. This site is dedicated to helping show people how they can be a positive part of their community and truly embrace the ideal of a good citizen.

My name is Sue Scheff™, and I’ve been working to help promote proper parenting techniques and information through Parent’s Universal Resource Experts, an organization I created in 2001 that helps compile information and share parenting knowledge among an ever expanding network of concerned families. I want to use this web site to share some of the things I’ve learned through my involvement with parenting advocacy, and extend this knowledge to the idea of promoting good citizenship, because if we are going to become good parents in this troubled world, we must set proper examples for our children, and what better example to set then being a good citizen?

If we want to be responsible parents, why restrict our influence and caring to just our children when we can teach them how to be better citizens while helping enforce positive ideals in our own communities? This is no longer the time for us to hide in our homes as our neighborhoods face difficulties, the community is where our children grow and live, so we must do our best to make it a better place while helping show our kids healthy life skills. The lack of community involvement and citizenship is one of the biggest detriments to American society. Many of our once close knit communities are becoming disjointed, as technology and crime widens the gap between neighbors and community organizations. Healthy communities should be connected and constantly working together and good citizens should strive to promote this community connection. This is the modern day philanthropy, the new way to help build a strong community heart and soul.

I hope that the knowledge I have gained through my parent advocacy experiences has helped me learn some basic guidelines for productive citizenry in our modern society. Feel free to read, analyze and take away what you would, and explore some of the avenues with which we can not only improve our lives, but the livelihood of our children and our community.

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