Sue Scheff: Teen Advice for Parents from Young Adults

Vanessa Van Petten, author of You’re Grounded, as well as a great communicator for parents of teens today, created a website - OnTeensToday - which offers a variety of Teen and Parenting Articles, Blogs and great up to date information on today’s generation of adolescents.
Here is a brief introduction:

Welcome Brave Parents

HOORAY! Finally, parenting advice from the kid’s perspective! It’s usually impossible to get more than one-word-answers from us, but here I hope that I, along with my 8 teen writers (age 13-17) can be honest about real issues that teens and pre-teens are dealing with, so parents can actually understand us (well at least a small part of our world)…and we can finally develop better relationships.

As much as I LOVE my freedom, I know that adolescents are often two steps ahead of parental controls and because of this, watched many of my friends make really, really bad decisions. So, we have decided to break open the door to our SECRET, terribly complex world and let you in. Ok, I am exaggerating just a tad, but I do truly believe that *if we help each other stay informed, we can stay safe, supported and become happier adults.*

Visit and learn more!

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