Sue Scheff: Teen Help Programs and Getting Your Teen Help

Are you a parent at your wit’s end? Learn from my mistakes and all that I have learned over almost a decade of researching this very daunting industry of “teen help.”

It has been almost 10 years since I made the HORRIBLE MISTAKE of choosing Carolina Springs Academy for my daughter who was struggling. Good kid making some not so good choices? I felt she needed some sort of program to help her through her struggles - and sadly what we received was anything but help.

In the past 9+ years - I have successfully defeated WWASPS/Carolina Springs Academy through a jury trial as well as continuing to be a voice for parents that are at their wit’s end. I also won the landmark case ($11.3M Jury Verdict for Damages) for Internet Defamation and Invasion of Privacy done to my by a former WWASPS parent that defamed me online. Read more about that in my upcoming book.

If you are considering a Teen Help Program - take your time, do your homework - learn from my mistakes and gain from my knowledge.

Read Wit’s End and hear my daughter’s firsthand experiences. This is my first book published by Health Communications, Inc. (HCI) July 2008 - the original home of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Don’t be a parent in denial - don’t be afraid to give your teen a second chance at a bright future - there are many good programs, just take your time and do your research.

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