Sue Scheff: The Middle School Parent

By Joe Bruzzese
Author of "A Parents' Guide to the Middle School Years"
I personally read this book and found it to offer some great information for parents that have kids entering middle school for the first time - or even helpful tips if they are already there.
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Joe Bruzzese also offer fantastic parenting tips on his website, here is his Lesson #178....
"Coaches, teachers, mentors and their impact during the middle school years"

Coaches, teachers, mentors and their impact during the middle school years. According the US Census Bureau, kids age 10-14 spend the majority of their waking hours in the care of someone other than their parents. Consider carefully who these people are and the long term impact they will have on your child's development.

Does your middle schooler have you completely confused, frustrated or confused and frustrated? I would love to hear from you? Send me an email with your story.

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