Sue Scheff: Mother's Against Predators

As a mother and grandmother, I am very fortunate my kids are not hooked online - maybe it is because the horrible ordeal I went through or maybe it is because they have other activities that doesn't give them extra time to surf online. Either way, I am silently grateful. I know the Internet can be an educational tool, but at the same time it can be a harmful, hurtful and potentially dangerous space - what is lurking online? Most everyone from every walk of life. Be an educated parent.
Every time our children log on to the world wide web, they expose themselves to a world of strangers. Hidden among those strangers are predators who navigate the cyber world with ease. They exploit social networking sites to find our kids. They have even formed their own online networks, trading tips on how to reach our children. We must respond. Together we can reduce the odds that another child is hurt. Please join our fight against those who prey on our children.

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