Sue Scheff: Remarkable Parnets - Using Information and Technology to Improve Lives

I was just introduced to this "remarkable" website full of great information for parenting today in today's techy world!

Remarkable Parents offers valuable, educational and great resources. Take the time to read their Blog and articles and become more informed on today's technology.

About Remarkable Parents:

Twitter. Google Docs. MySpace. Facebook. When you hear these words, does it sound like a foreign language?

Is MySpace your idea of outer space?

Better Communication

Try to communicate with your kids using these new social media and software tools and you’ve probably thought Forget it

Don’t Forget it. Get it, with the help of Remarkable Parents.

Use technology as an ally, not an enemy .

Remarkable Parents don’t fight the flow, they roll with it.

You already know that everything is happening now on the web. It’s where your kids are interacting with their friends.

What you may not know is that it’s also a forum that allows us to be in contact with each other, and more importantly, to stay in touch with your kids.

Higher Productivity
The internet has been called ‘The Great Equalizer’ between big business and small business.

This is because it allows small business to have a large presence in it’s venue.

It’s also ‘The Great Equalizer’ between generations

More Quality Time

Our site will help you make better use of your precious time.

We will help you become more organized and productive.

This will enable you to be part of the conversation, instead of fighting it.

“Because the truth is, these technology tools aren’t just for teens.

Adults are using them to connect with each other, to learn new things, and to be more productive at home and at work!”

Technology is not going away and the web is not going anywhere. The sooner you learn to use these resources to your advantage, the better off you will be.

Our kids, in this era, have never experienced life without computers. We have some catching up to do, and this is where Remarkable Parents comes in.

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