Sue Scheff: Tween Girl Summit 2009

Find out more about this fantastic summit to help educate, inform and motivate tween girls in a positive direction!
At the Summit, girls will talk about their passions, challenges, values, goals, heroes, dreams, fears, tween girl power, community activism and what they are going to do to change their world. We want the President and the First Lady to know that girls have heard their call for community activism and they’re ready to change the world!
Source: Tween Summit 2009 (click here for more information)

We've got an incredible day planned!We’re so thrilled you’re interested in the Tween Girl Summit. The Summit Agenda is shaping up to be an incredible day - we hope you’ll join us in Washington DC!

On October 10, 2009, hundreds of tween girls ages 9 to 14 from across the nation, as well as parents, experts, politicians and celebrities, will descend upon the historic Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington DC for the First Ever National Tween Girl Summit.

The Summit will examine the minds, motivation and lives of tween girls, giving them a platform to share their thoughts and opinions on a wide range of subjects, and give parents, politicians and marketers a more thorough understanding of this enigmatic and highly influential demographic.

The Summit will cover a wide range of topics important to tweens and their families from their opinions on the environment, education, personal safety and self-image to their thoughts on what’s hot and what’s not!

Noted celebrities will deliver keynote presentations, and marketers’ products will be on display and incorporated throughout the event. We’ll also have a live concert from today’s top tween artists!

Thanks to sponsors who want to show their support for tween girls, the Summit is free to attend, but space is limited!

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