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15 year old Social Entrepreneur Danielle Herb has a dream to impact 1,000,000 ADD/ADHD and Autistic children. It is quickly becoming a reality and she is $50,000 away from opening a brand new facility in Ocala, Florida which will provide FREE horse therapy for the kids. Please watch this video to not only help Danielle, but the many lives she will change through her Drop Your Reins Experience.”
I urge everyone to visit and watch the 7 minute minute interview with Danielle Herb and consider helping her help her cause to continue to help thousands of ADD/ADHD/Autisic children!

The Why?

The growth and expansion of Danielle’s company has been inhibited by her current geographic location, which lacks accessibility.

After searching nearby regions in her home state of FL that were more conducive and responsive to the needs of her program and her horses, Danielle was drawn to Ocala. Nicknamed “The Horse Capital of the World,” Ocala lends itself to being the perfect location for Danielle to give and receive support, as well as to set up alliances and collaborate with other equine facilities.
About “Drop Your Reins” Experience

Co-Founded by 15-year-old Danielle Herb, with her Mother, Marianne St. Clair, Drop Your Reins is a holistic training company that breaks down the social segmentation that exists among humans, animals and science. The program infuses direct interaction with horses, supplemental training videos, experiential coaching techniques and community collaboration to help guide the powerful minds of ADD/ADHD and Autistic children to reach their greatest potential while maintaining their innocence and purity. Danielle was recently the subject of a 1 hour TV Documentary and is the forthcoming author of Drop Your Reins: Peaceful Transformation Techniques for ADD/ADHD and Autistic Children Using Natural Horsemanship. She is the 2008 Recipient of the Target and Tiger Woods Start Something Grant.

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