Sue Scheff: Kids Are Heroes - Help Support these young Kids making a difference in many lives

As a parent advocate, I know how important it is to not only help parents, but to encourage kids/teens. Kids Are Heroes is an amazing organization helping to recognize kids that are making a difference. Take a moment to learn about Alaina. Can you help her to help others?
Re-printed with permission from Kids Are Heroes.
My last post [Gabe O'Neill] described our biggest event of the year which is Kids Are Heroes Day 2009. This year we are inviting all the kids from around the US and Canada to participate. Some of them would love to come but it is difficult for them financially. Here is an email I received from Alaina Podmorow, founder of “Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan”. (See her profile here on

Dear MaryMargaret and Gabe,

It’s me Alaina, the founder of Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan. I received your invitation to participate in the “Kids are Heroes” day on October 24th of this year and would absolutely love to be involved. I love the idea of being in Washington DC and being able to raise awareness with both youth and adults about the human rights violations against girls in Afghanistan. I believe that education is the most important key to unlock the door to peace.
If we can educate everybody, I believe peace will follow.
Once everyone is educated, people will not live in fear and be intimidated by what they don’t understand and they will understand how to exercise their human rights. My focus is educating girls in Afghanistan because they don’t have the same rights that men and boys do. Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan want to make that change by raising money and teaching our global community that it is our job to make the change toward peace. I would love to be able to share my story and plans at your event however it is not easy for us to travel such a distance due to the costs of airline tickets and hotel cost and other stuff as well. I hope things will work out and we can get some funding so we can participate. I wish you good luck in planning your event and if I can’t go, best of luck in making our world a better place.

Alaina Podmorow - Founder of Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan

If her story touches you and you or someone you know can help her in any way to get to this event, please visit to donate.

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