Sue Scheff: Memoir for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is a perfect time to speak with your daughters about this serious subject, especially if it has touched someone in your family. Part of dealing with a serious illness is better understanding it. Open up your lines of communication.
Here is an inspiring and touching book written by a Cartoonist everyone recognizes, Tom Wilson aka Ziggy!
Ziggy Cartoonist Shares Story of Loss of Wife to Breast Cancer

New Book Zigzagging: How Ziggy Saved My Life by Tom Wilson

Cleveland, OH – (October 1, 2009) – How does a man find new, original and humorous optimistic sentiments each day while watching his wife lose her battle with breast cancer? Ziggy cartoonist Tom Wilson reveals his story of love, loss and overcoming depression with the help of a character that millions of people smile at every day.

In Zig-zagging: Loving Madly, Losing Badly – How Ziggy Saved My Life (HCI Books – $17.95), Wilson takes readers along with Ziggy, through tremendous family tragedies, deep depression, and learning to live happily, meanwhile always being an inspiration to millions of everyday readers.

Much of Wilson’s memoir is centered on the journey he took with his young wife after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

”Particularly in October, when there is so much focus on breast cancer awareness, I want to share with all of the other families out there, a personal experience about how breast cancer affected me and my life,” Wilson explains. “I don’t pretend to know what it is like to have cancer, but I consider myself a survivor because I watched it tear my life apart. My perspective is for all of the other spouses, sons and daughters, who deal with this disease when it moves into their lives.”

Like Ziggy, Tom Wilson has turned tragedy into a learning experience and readers can be inspired by the humorous healing touches throughout the book. Through the occasional appearance of Ziggy cartoons across the pages, the book deftly treats its readers to “comic relief” along Wilson’s occasional sad road.
Ziggy first appeared in newspapers in June 1971. Tom Wilson has drawn and written Ziggy since 1987, after the retirement of his father, the senior Tom Wilson, who first created Ziggy as a greeting card character. Now distributed through Universal Press Syndicate, a division of Andrews McMeel Universal, Ziggy is published in more than 600 newspapers, reaching 75 million readers daily, and maintains an online presence through and

Order on Amazon today. Read exerpts of Zig-Zagging in my Examiner article. Tom Wilson will also be presenting at the Miami Book Fair International in November

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