Sue Scheff: Defiant Teens

Part 7 of my sneak peek into Dr. Michele Borba's world! Actually into her BIG BOOK of Parenting Solutions, we will explore a characteristic in teens and children I hear from parents a lot - DEFIANCE!
Labels, labels and more labels. Today we will talk about a common label "ODD" also known as Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

Red Flags

Constantly resists your simplest requests, questions authority, pushes every limit; is blatantly disrespectful, noncompliant.

Turn to pages 76-85 and be prepared to learn all you ever wanted to know about defiant behavior. This includes signs and symptoms, how to change and why to change, and most important early intervention as well as detailed steps to help you be an educated parent. Michele Borba offers great advice and resources to help you help your child.

Could Your Child Have Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)?

Although all children will display a defiant streak and try pushing the limits every now and then, when such behaviors persist for at least every day for six months and are intense, they may be signs of a condition called Oppositional Defiant Disorder. The American Psychiatric Association estimates that about 16 percent of American kids have this condition. These kids relentlessly push the boundaries set for them by authority figures, and consistently use bad language, talk back, and refuse to comply. If you have concerns about your child, seek the advice of a trained mental health evaluator. If your child repeatedly displays any of these behaviors and you feel your parenting is not effective, see help ASAP.

Is physically aggressive with people and animals
Destroys property
Has problems with the law or flagrantly violates rules
Runs away
Starts fires

Next sneak peek: Sibling Rivalry! (you don't want to miss this one!)

For those that don't have time to read, this is the perfect book for you since it is not the type of book you sit down to read. As parenting questions come up, you can go straight to the index and find the page number. Immediately you will see the pages divided by boxes, quick tips and advice and easy to read and understand resources. Did I mention she also gives you proven research and statistics?

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