Sue Scheff: Ungrateful Teens and Children

As part of my continuing series of Dr. Michele Borba’s insights and sneak peeks inside her Big Book of Parenting Solutions, we will review signs and symptoms of an ungrateful child.

•Bad manners: needs constant reminders to say thank you or show his appreciation

•Envy: wants what others have, envies others’ possessions

•Lack of appreciation: takes for granted your daily kind and thoughtful gestures

•Huge sense of entitlement: feels he deserves to have luxuries or privileges•Dissatisfaction: always seems to want “more,” better,” or “new”

•Materialism: values only material things, brand names, or the “latest”

•Self-centeredness: is unwilling to reciprocate with gifts or kind acts to others

•Ungraciousness: acts disappointed with presents, blurts out “I didn’t want this”

•Thoughtlessness: doesn’t consider other person’s feelings or the thought or effort that went into her gesture


Step 1. Early Prevention

•Model gratitude. Kids learn by seeing others display appreciation in everyday, unplanned moments. How often do your kids see you convey your appreciation with hugs, words, or small notes to others? (Much more on page 226 in Big Book of Parenting Solutions).
•Set limits. Having too much “stuff” squelches appreciation. (Read more on page 226 in Big Book of Parenting Solutions).

Michele Borba offers three more beneficial steps with much detail in her Big Book of Parenting Solutions. These are some sneak peeks and hopefully you will see the value in owning a book of this magnitude in your parenting library.

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For those that don’t have time to read, this is the perfect book for you since it is not the type of book you just sit down to read. As parenting questions come up, you can go straight to the index and find the page number. Immediately you will see the pages divided by boxes, quick tips and advice and easy to read and understand resources. Did I mention she also gives you proven research and statistics?

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