Magnolia Christian - Elaine Davis - Abused Animals - WARNING

It was reported back in early June 2010 that Magnolia Christian School or Academy (depending on what they call themselves that day formerly Carolina Springs Academy) was closed.  I received word from a parent that had a daughter there and was informed he had 24 hours to pick her up.  When he arrived, Elaine Davis (the same director that was there when my daughter was abused and neglected there) was on the porch with the kids waiting for the parents.
Animals Abandoned
According to this parent - all the other staff left.

Then I received emails about the abuse of the animals there recently.  The fact the animals were left to fend for themselves and the video was horrifying to watch.  Animal activists as far as from Alaska were writing me for help on the background of this so-called teen help program.  According to one source, more than 70 carcasses have been found on the property and the Humane Society of Greenwood has removed dozens and dozens more in various stages of starvation.  Read article.

Yesterday I was contacted by a local reporter in Anderson, SC (where Magnolia is located) as he is investigated this story.  He was under the assumption the program is closed, as I was until......

Today a parent calls and says she spoke with Elaine Davis yesterday (9/22/10) and she even was forwarded a contract to enroll her daughter there immediately?!  Excuse me - is Magnolia open again?
And who is Rex Vaughan?  Another sales rep like Lisa Irvin, Jane Hawley and Dina Dalton?

This is a parent alert - do your due diligence before placing your at-risk teens.  There are excellent programs in this country - don't get sucked in by a slick sales pitch!

At your wit's ends?  Read about it!

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