National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month - Is your child a member of COAK?

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and kids all over the country, including right here in Florida, are sending a very strong message to their parents.

Coalition of Angry Kids (COAK) are fighting right back at their parents.  Monkey see, monkey do - and that is exactly what is happening.  Parents do not realize that what they do, including what they eat has an affect on their child.  Are you going outside and walking or even jogging?  Maybe bikingWhat are you doing for exercise?  Are you unplugged?

What's for dinner? Are you health conscience?  Everyone knows that we can't eat healthy all the time, but when eating unhealthy is the norm in your household, you are setting a negative example and message to your children.

Do you know what your kids are eating at school?  Do you know the facts about school cafeterias?

Open letter from COAK to parents: 

Who are you calling obese?

We heard that September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month.

And people are saying that 1 in 3 of us are overweight or obese. They even use that weird word—EPIDEMIC—when they’re talking about us kids.

“Eat healthy.” “Go run around outside.” “Turn off the screens.” We hear those things a lot, too. Well, Mom and Dad, can you help us out here? We need more than reminders and threats. We need good examples.
We’re in this together, so let’s fix it together.

If you want us to eat less junk food, then let’s eat better together. If you want us to play an hour a day, then come out and play with us.

That sounds like a healthy solution to us. How about you?

Do you think your child's name is here?

Visit COAK for more information.

Be an educated parent, you will have healthier teens.
Watch video and learn more. Read more.

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