Do your research when looking for help
Since my story broke in 2001 - the stories have not stopped with allegations of abuse, neglect, fraud etc.  How many lawsuits have been settled with confidentiality statements and a check?  I have heard of many.  I have seen the settlement agreements.  I was not one of those parents - I was able to fight legally and defeated them at a jury trial!  In Salt Lake City - a city of their peers - no one condones child abuse.

They couldn't defeat me legally - so they took to the Internet - helping to create and instigate slime, lies, defamation and more against myself and my family as well as my organization.  Although they weren't directly named in my lawsuit for Internet defamation and Invasion of Privacy, discovery proved their name came up more times than they wanted - I am sure.  Not to mention the defendant was given WWASPS attorney's to defend her.  Yes, the web of lies and deceit never ends.  However it all comes full circle.... Please read my Blog below this one for more information.

According to Tico Times:
Child Welfare Office closes yet another teen reform center

A youth behavior modification center run by the Utah-based World Wide Association of Specialty Programs (WWASP) is closed following allegations of abuse. 

For the second time in the past nine years, a youth behavior modification center run by the Utah-based World Wide Association of Specialty Programs (WWASP) is closed following allegations of abuse. This one was run by the association’s director, Bob Lichfield, brother of Narvin Lichfield, who ran a similar center here until it was voluntarily shut down in 2003.

Last Friday, the Child Welfare Office (PANI) closed the center, known as Teen Mentor, which advertised itself online as a therapeutic and psychological services program for U.S. teenagers dealing with behavioral issues and substance abuse problems.

According to PANI technical director Jorge Urbina, PANI officers visited Teen Mentor’s facilities on Friday after three Costa Rican psychologists reported that they witnessed abuse of student residents.
Teen Mentor was operated out of Hotel Carara, in the Pacific coastal town of Tárcoles de Garabito.
Student residents told PANI investigators that they had experienced physical, verbal and psychological abuse while at the facility.

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WWASPS and their slick marketing sales person such as Lisa Irvin or Irvine (whatever way she wants to spell it on any certain days), of Teens in Crisis or Jane Hawley of Lifelines (some lifeline) - and their counter-parts - will continually tell people the jury made a mistake with me - or better, I own, operate or manage competitive programs - really?

My story is documented in Wit's End! A Parent's True Story.... published by Health Communication Inc, (HCI) -home of Chicken Soup for the Soul.  I am sure they wouldn't back a person of deceit....

Are you look for help for your out-of-control teen?  Don't let this scare you , it only re-iterates your job to do your due diligence to find safe and quality programs.  Take the time to do it - you can do it.  Find a list of questions and helpful hints on my site - www.HelpYourTeens.com.

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