High School Drop Outs: GED Options

It is always a question to me – teens are allowed to drop out of high school (in Florida at age 16 teens have the right to sign out of school).  Their mentality is they will just get a GED.  Although there are very valid reasons that some people need to get a GED – a defiant, healthy, teenager usually doesn’t have a reason except they simply don’t want to go to school.  In life, as they will learn, there are many things we don’t want to do – but will do them anyway.  There are things we don’t understand how important they are until years later – like going to college. Visit www.helpyourteens.com if you need help.

If you or your teen are looking to obtain a GED, here is a great list to work from:

GED's are being used too frequently today.
Whether you’re ready to finish high school early or never graduated and want a GED to help you plan out a more lucrative career and education path, there are a lot of resources online to help you prepare for the exam. These blogs offer lesson plans, practice tests, and discussions about the subjects you’ll be tested on, and we’ve also included several helpful blogs to inspire you to plan out the next stage of your life, from deciding to go to college to finding a job.

Click here to see 50 Blogs that help you with GED information.

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