Problem Teens? Thinking Summer Program? Think Twice

Casual underage teen drinking? Not legal.
This is the time of year parents are calling - their teen is failing, hanging out with the wrong peer group, possibly using drugs or drinking, and even running away.

Over the past few weeks the increase of calls relating to teen runaways is disturbing.  Many of these parents believe that finding a good two-week summer program will fit this issue.  What parents don't understand is it took longer than two weeks to get to this point, it will certainly take longer to determine where this is stemming from.

Are you a parent that is considering a Wilderness Program for the summer? Think twice again.  This can be a very, very expensive camping trip and a band-aid that will soon fall off once school opens again.

As a matter of fact, Wilderness programs will tell you about 4 weeks into it (usually at $400 a day or more) - that your teen will need a longer term program following this camping journey.  Seriously - parents, you may be at your wit's end - but think about this?  Why? 

Why not start and finish with a program that can firmly help your teen with long term results - short term programs, short term results.

Parents that believe that they will "shock" their teen into appreciating what they have are sorely mistaken.

If you are struggling with your teenager, visit and get some sound advice.  Don't get sucked into a summer program or Wilderness journey that will most likely only scratch the surface.

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