Teen Help: When Therapy Isn't Working

Parent stress, how to help your teen.
As school is coming to an end for 2011, some parents are receiving notices that their teenagers are not passing, as a matter of fact, they are failing and are at risk of not graduating or being promoted to the next grade.

Some parents are aware that their teen as been spiraling in a negative direction - however as many of us do, we hope and pray that some miracle will change and our teen will not only pass, but will wake-up from this typical teen time.

Many parents try an adolescent therapist to help intervene.  Unfortunately many teens are able to manipulate the therapist and the next thing you know, we are back looking in the mirror - as our teen blames all the negative behavior on the parents. 

Being a parent in denial is only prolonging an issue that may be far worse than you want to admit however not allowing the truth to be recognized is only hurting yourself.

Especially in today's age with technology and drugs at their highest access to teen, parents need to take the time to what their teens are doing and with who.

Be an educated parents - learn about resources for help for your teen that is struggling and becoming out-of-control.  Visit www.HelpYourTeens.com.

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