Troubled Teens: How to find safe and sound teen help

Are you at your wit's end?
Summer is over – school is into their first quarter and your teen’s behavior is only escalating!  You are soon driven to your wit’s end!

When a parent is reaching their wit’s end, they are most at risk for making mistakes – mistakes that can cost them financially as well as emotionally.

 Good kids – bad choices:  Where did my innocent toddler go?

 When therapy isn’t working
  • This is not a science, in most cases when a belligerent, defiant and entitled teen is faced with a therapist or counselor, they will either close up like a clam, or tell the most amusing stories – which can be called – manipulation.
  • Did you know it was your fault?  It really isn’t, but in some cases the teen can actually convince a therapist that it is the parents that have the problem, not them.  Again, another example of manipulation.
  • Are you ready for a residential program?
  • Have you exhausted all your local options?
  • How do you know if you truly need a residential boarding school/program?
How to be a perfect parent
  • There is no such thing as a perfect parent; however there is such a thing as being an educated parent.  This is not about book smarts or academics; it is about first hand experiences from parents that have been where you are.
  • Becoming an educated parent in the teen help industry is possible with time and due diligence.
Blame Game
  • Not my kid, it is the kids he/she is hanging with.
  • My child was caught with pot, but he swears it was his friend’s.
  • It’s the schools fault.
  • If I only had sent him to another school.
  • If I only had given into the cell phone.
  • His grandparents spoil him rotten.
  • When safety trumps privacy. When is it appropriate to read your teen’s journal, text messages, emails, social networking sites etc?
The differences between Boot Camps – Wilderness – TBS – RTC – Click here.

Making sure your teen is not out of their element – Click here.

How to make the calls to parent references – Click here.

  • If you could change one thing about the program, what would it be?
  • Be sure to get references of the same gender and age.  Important to compare apples to apples.
  • Can always get off the list by asking the parent if they know of any other parents they can talk to.
Will my teen hate me? – NO – initially, they may have a lot of anger and resentment – but choosing the right program that fits your teen’s individual needs should stimulate them in a positive direction.
Order today!

Order today!
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By not doing anything, you are not being a responsible parent – there may come a time – when that one hour once a week is simply not enough to make significant positive changes.

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