Students Recall Special Schools Run Like Jails: Teen Help Programs

WWASPS students were disciplined in this HOBBIT room in their U.S. program.
The New York Times cover story today had the headline above!

Over a decade later and these programs are still in operation.  Sure, some name changes - and shift around some people, but it is still the same from what I am reading.

It's not a secret, my family was a victim of the teen help industry.

We struggled with a teenager that was a good teen making some bad choices - we needed help.  But did that mean we needed to be duped?  Why do people prey on the weak?  I am not concerned about that right now.

Fact is, yes, some teens and families need help and we believe in that - as does my daughter.

Our story has been well documented both online and published by Health Communications, Inc (HCI). 

What many can't comprehend is how the people and programs that harmed our family and my daughter - as well has hundreds (if not thousands of others) is still in operation?

I just read a recent New York Times article - and here they are again - in the news about the alleged abuse and neglect to kids. 

The title of the article:  Students Recall Special Schools Run Like Jails the URL goes a bit further and states "prisons".

Yes, that would describe it. 

Be aware when you start your search.  I won't tell you where to go or not to go - but in my opinion, there are many good schools and programs out there - why risk your child in a program that constantly is attempting to defend themselves?

I speak to many parents - and the common thread I hear is - "Well, they say they are not connected to WWASP."  Okay - and they address that in this article.  If you want to believe that - that is your free will.  It is my belief that if it walks like a duck - it usually is one..... 

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