Sue Scheff: Running, walking, jogging, biking - Do it as a family

More and more we are seeing people (adults and teens) running, jogging and sweating. Although running is not for everyone, it is a great activity that not only can keep you healthy, it can also be a family activity. Whether you make is a Saturday and Sunday habit, or evening or early morning (before or after school and work), doing it as a family can help promote your relationship with your teen and children.

Starting running can be tough, but stick it out, it will be worth it. In Broward County, Runners Depot Training Team started in 2000 and since then has grown tremendously. More and more people are taking an interest in being and staying healthy. Every Saturday at the Town Center in Weston, as many as 60 runners meet as they venture a 10-20 mile run. Sun-Sentinel recently reported on their group, Early risers on the run in Weston.

Running is beneficial to you in many aspects of your life. Whether it is for your heath, heart, losing weight, stress relief, meeting other people in your community, running for causes and more, but one of the many great reasons is it is also an activity you can do as a family. In today's economy, it is also a cost effective way to have fun as a family.

What are you waiting for, start today! Of course, if you have health issues that prevent you from this activity, maybe you can bike with the family or find some other way to take part in the family activity. Walking and biking as a family is also beneficial! Just do things together - empower your parent-child relationship.

Being an educated parent leads to safer and healthier teens and children.

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