Sue Scheff: Teens and Your Neighborhood

Where do you live? Many of us live in places we truly love and most of live where we can financially afford. Sometimes these are good areas, sometimes they are not, but as long as you have your family and make it your priority, the real estate location is not a priority.

A misconception is that more troubled teens come from "bad" neighborhoods, maybe that is true, however that doesn't eliminate the fact there are also troubled teens in very good neighborhoods and A rated schools.

Most important is that you don't become a product of your environment as much as you insure your family is kept together with good morals.

Being an educated parent can help you and your kids have a better life wherever you live. Teach respect, empower your children with dignity and integrity no matter what neighborhood they come from. Teach them responsibility and accountability for their own actions.

Encourage your teens to volunteer, get a job, start a group to help others or simply reach out to your neighbors. Building a child's self esteem is one of the best ways you can guide them into a bright future. Giving back to others can give so much to you. Teach your teens this early on and no matter where you live, your kids will learn how to make the world a better place.

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