Sue Scheff: Improving Students Study Skills

Motivating students today can be a challenge. Many children are very bright, intelligent and have the ability to get excellent grades, however are underachievers. This can be extremely frustrating to parents as well as teachers.

PS Youth Outreach Center located in Lauderdale Lakes, offers Broward County youths an opportunity to learn better study skills, prepare for SAT's, ACT's as well as GED preparation. PS Youth also helps teens and young adults with career development by offering assistance with resume writing, interview tips, filling out applications and computer classes.

Paula Scott, President of PS Youth Outreach Center, said they are planning a Summer Camp which will also foster educational growth and retention during the summer months as well as incorporate some fun, educational activities. PS Youth's one-on-one tutoring rate is very low, in comparison to other tutoring and private educational services.

PS Youth Outreach Center, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which serves at-risk youth between the ages of 5-22 who reside in Broward County. The agency was founded in 2006 as a reaction to the numerous youth of Broward County who are under-served or unaware of the many services available.

Education is a privilege which many of our youth become discouraged to follow through with. Whether discouraged by social distractions, familial distractions, or simply a lack of guidance, these youth need to be helped through education.

PS Youth is approved by FDOE and the School Board of Broward County. Call today and learn more! 954-358-0625 or email at  . Are you able to sponsor a student or have school supplies to donate? Learn more, click here.

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Be an educated parent, it can help your child reach their greatest potential.

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