Sue Scheff: Teens, Horses and Self-Esteem - Animal Assisted Therapy Program

Does your teenager (18 years old and up) have a passion for their pet? Do they enjoy helping others? If so, The Humane Society of Broward County offers a rewarding program. Animal Assisted Therapy Programs (AAT) is a rewarding experience for your teen and their companion animal.

First you will need to attend the Humane Society of Broward County's Volunteer Orientation. Volunteer Orientation is scheduled through their Volunteer Services Department at 954-266-6814.

The Animal Assisted Therapy Program (AAT) is not only for young adults; parents and people of all ages can help make a difference in many lives. If your teen is seeking a career in psychology, social work or veterinarian, this could be an excellent introduction. For adults, it is a great way to meet others that share your love of animals and helping others.

Once you have completed the Volunteer Orientation, you will be required to attend a 2 ½ hour AAT class without your animal. This class will teach you all about our Animal Assisted Therapy Program and what skill requirements both you and your animal must possess in order to be considered for our program.

After the AAT course is completed, you and your animal might require further training. Training is determined by the type of program you and your animal will be participating in, and what skill sets you and your animal have or need to have in order to participate. AAT Advanced Obedience Training classes are held at the Humane Society and are scheduled once a week for 6 weeks. The Manager of the AAT program will decide if you and your animal require further training before being evaluated for the program. - Humane Society of Broward County

If you are interested in joining AAT program, please contact the Humane Society directly at 954-266-6856 or email them at  .

Not in Broward County? To find the nearest Humane Society near you, click here.

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