Sue Scheff: Teen Drugs, Sex and Alcohol - Know the Teen Truth

Teen Truth:

  • More teens are using alcohol to get drunk.
  • More teens are smoking pot regularly.
  • Even more teens are having sex, and many without protection.
  • Don't always where they tell their parents where they are.
  • Many teens are driving and texting.
  • Some teens engage in dangerous behavior such as trunking to be cool.
  • Most teens know more about technology than you do.
Parent's beliefs:

  • My teen is not doing drugs, but their friends are.
  • My teen tried alcohol, but it was only once.
  • My teen would not have sex, they know the consequences.
  • It is not my teen, it is the teens they are hanging with.
  • They only smoked pot once, that really doesn't count.
  • My teen is so smart, good looking, very athletic, they know better.
  • My teen knows the dangers of Internet, they would never chat with strangers.
The Florida Department of Health (FLDOH) in partnership with WAHI Media has created, an interactive, web-based initiative promoting positive lifestyle choices among Florida youth. The website is designed to educate teens, parents, and citizens about a wide range of issues that teens deal with on a daily basis. DOH’s Office of Positive Youth Development has been able to use WAHI’s highly effective technology to reach and hold the attention of teens, engaging them in conversation and presenting them with valuable facts.

Teen Truth tells real stories and how you as a parent can improve your communication skills with your teenagers. Times have changed with teens today! Teen life is a mind field, they have access to all sorts of things that generations prior weren't aware of.

Teen Truth tells you like it is, even if you don't want to hear it, you will and you will also see why it is imperative you learn this.

Before your teen hooks-up (gets together with a total stranger for sex), be proactive, talk to your teens, ask them about it and let them know the dangers of hooking up.

Teens can guard their private lives very well, it is up to parents to learn all they can about them. This is not invasion of privacy - it is when safety trumps privacy!

Do yourself a favor, watch the short videos on Answer the questions honestly, don't be a parent in denial, you are not helping your teen that way.

Be an educated parent, you will have safer teens!

If your teen is going down a negative road, visit for more information.

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