Texting and Riding: Distracted Bicycling

Over and over again we read articles about distracted driving.  Oprah featured the No Phone Zone and accumulated thousands to join in.  It is a fact, texting and driving or talking on your phone can kill.  It is distracted driving that can take your focus off the road and into an oncoming car within seconds.

Newsflash: Distracted driving includes bicycles!

As school has opened in many parts of the country, including Broward County, teens will ride to their bikes to get to school.  After witnessing several teenagers in Sunrise biking and texting in the morning to school, suddenly I realized that there are not enough warnings about the dangers of biking and texting.
Riding a bicycle is part of growing up, however riding a bike responsibly is maturity.  Teenagers need to realize distracted driving extends to distracted riding.

In many situations teens are not allowed to have their cells on in class, so every other waking moment during the day, including their commute to school, they are mingling with their tech gadgets and arranging their social day with their friends.

Parents need to speak with their teens about the dangers of texting and talking with only one hand on the bike handles.  It is dangerous, it is deadly and it can be an accident waiting to happen. No text is worth dying over!

Sadly, the driver that may hit your teen can be held accountable while it was the bikers fault for drifting on to the road while texting or talking.

Stop, talk, repeat, talk again - you can never talk enough about the dangers of distracted biking or driving. Remember parents, be an example to your kids!

Be an educated parent, you will have safer teens!

Watch video for potential ban on texting and biking.

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