Teen Help, Troubled Teens, Boot Camps, Tough Love

There are many adjectives to describe parents when they are looking for outside help for their struggling teenager.

Is your teen reaching a level that he/she are out-of-control?  Going down a negative path with only a few years left of high school?  Do you fear for their future if they continue down this road?

Okay, I love the phrase, "typical teenage behavior", which much of it can be.  However what happens when this "typical" behavior lands them in juvie?  Or in the hospital with an overdose?

Most have tried therapists.  Most have even tried out-patient programs.  Some have tried sending their teen to a relatives to live.  What happens when these ideas fail?

For many, it is time for residential therapy.  Now you really need to be engaged, do your homework and be extremely cautious.  The world of teen-help is a major business and they are waiting for parents that are at their "wit's end"  to call!

There are many good programs in our country.  The most important decision you will make is choosing the right one for your child.  Don't rely on marketing arms, toll-free numbers, and spams of email promises.  Do your due diligence and work through this process in the best interest of your family.

Visit www.helpyourteens.com for helpful hints and tips for finding what is best for your family. Remember, if you are on the East Coast, just because the Internet seems to continue to point you to the West Coast, there are programs on the East Coast that are extremely high quality - and some of the best.  Although you don't want your teen's program in your backyard, you also don't want to be so far away that visiting them would be difficult.

Don't forget to pick up Wit's End: Advice and Resources for Saving Your Out-of-Control Teen - it could save your teenager today!  By visiting Parents' Universal Resource Experts (PURE) you can receive a free chapter here.

Remember, be a parent first - friendship will come in time. This is not about shipping your teen off, it is about giving them a second opportunity at a bright future!

Parents' Universal Resource Experts (PURE) is a Member of the Better Business Bureau.

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