Residential Treatment Programs: The Internet Confusion

Is your teen smoking pot?
You have about reached your wit's end, your teenager is driving you nuts over this holiday school break.

The school grades have come in only to find out that your once honor roll student is now failing.  They have announced they are no longer interested in the sport they used to love or the instrument they used to play.

Their group of friends are changing, their personality has gone from happy to withdrawn and secretive, not to mention the defiance.

Typical teen?  Maybe, but what happens when it escalates to an extreme that parents feel like they are being held hostage in their own home? What happens when a parent discovers their teen is using drugs?  Just marijuana?  Just a few beers?

Don't be a parent in denial.  Be proactive.

There will come a time when the one hour once a week of therapy just isn't working.  Your teenager is manipulating the therapist - in some cases the therapist will just continue the game, after all, it is their paycheck.  You need to, as a parent, recognize when you have come to a point when it is time to seek outside help.

In some cases once your teen is in another environment will they start opening up and revealing what is going on.  Why they are acting out in such negative ways.

Hopefully you have a therapist that will recognize that your teen needs help and can help you find residential therapy that fits your child's needs.

Remember, the Internet, as much as it is an educational tool, can also be deceiving.  Be careful of all these websites that make promises that seem too good to be true.  In most cases - they are.

Wilderness programs that will cost you an arm and a leg - plus your first born - will seem like you will have your child back in 6-9 weeks, but what they neglect to tell you is in most cases your teen has to go on to a therapeutic boarding school, which is another 12 months.  And another large chunk of money.

Not to mention your teen will have to again, share their story with another therapist, start another schedule again - and finally get back to academics since Wilderness usually lacks in education (another reason I don't care for Wilderness programs).

Need to find out more about residential therapy?  Learn from the mistakes I made.  I made a lot - but I have also learned a lot.  I am not perfect - and believe every child is different and every  family is different.  Most importantly - go with your gut.  Don't get duped like we did.

Remember, always look for the ACE factor:

A = Accredited Academics
C = Clinical (good qualified therapists)
E = Enrichment programs (these help stimulate your teen in a positive direction)

Visit  for more information on residential therapy. 

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