Therapy, Mental Health: Getting Help for Your Teen

Finding the right therapist.
In light of the recent tragedy in Newtown, CT - some are screaming for more gun control.  I am certainly not an advocate for gun, however I don't believe that is the big issue here.

Fact is, most drugs are illegal too - yet we see our kids and adults abusing them.  If someone is determined to find a gun and shoot someone - just like if someone is determined to shoot heroin, they will find a way to do it.

We need to address the fact that mental illness is a major concern for people and parents.  I know I have parents call and need help with their teens.  Whether you have health insurance or not, you should be able to get mental health assistance. 

In some cases, local Universities will have departments that offer free counseling and many parents are not aware that their local United Way may also have resources available at low cost or no cost.  There are options, you cannot let a child or teen continue if they are struggling.  Whether it is depression, withdrawing from friends and family, raging, drug use, etc.... getting your child help is a priority.

I also know that in some cases your teen will be defiant to the point where they will refuse to get help.  There is also assistance for this.  As a parent, you know your child needs help.  Each state has different laws to help you get them that help. 

In Florida, if your teen or someone you know is abusing drugs and refuses help, you can look at invoking the Marchman ActSome states also have what is call a PINS Petition.  (Person in Need of Supervision).

At Parents' Universal Resource Experts, we speak with parents on a daily basis.  These families have usually reached their wit's end and understand that residential therapy is going to save their teen's life.  In many cases, removing the teen from their environment is what can help them get back on the right track again.  Removing them from the negative peer group and helping reflect back to more positive times in their life. 

We always advise parents to start with local resources and therapy first, but as I stated above, many time teens will refuse to attend.  This is why residential therapy has been so successful.  Parents need to do their due diligence researching for the best fit for their child

Please contact us if you feel you are in need of further assistance.

Many prayers and thoughts to all the families in Newtown, CT.

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