Sue Scheff: Merry Christmas! Inspiring Teens and Kids of 2009

Last August I wrote an article about Teens that Inspire. I was astounded at how many people read this article since so many are always drawn to negative news. As 2009 comes to an end, I am thrilled I was able to interview most of these teens and kids (yes, starting at 9 years-old) and shared with you some of their passion for what they do and how they are changing the world one day at a time.

This list is in alphabetical order and I also want to recognize Kids Are Heroes. This organization has many more wonderful kids that are reaching out and stretching boundaries to make positive changes. My list is a small one in comparison to the many that are out there, however these teens/kids have truly inspired me in 2009. Please review the slideshow to meet them all in person!

Click here to the list and learn about these amazing teens and kids that are making a difference!

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