Sue Scheff: Pareting Resolutions with Solutions and Answers

Big Book of Parenting Solutions by Dr. Michele Borba has become one of the most popular parenting books to own. Why? It is simple, and seriously very simple to read, comprehend and easy to go straight to the topic you need to learn about without having to sift through a lot of pages. This book is like a Betty Crocker Cookbook – all indexed – easy to read and understand recipes (parenting recipes for raising kids today) as well as easy to use tabs to take you instantly to where you want to be.

Michele Borba Has Answers to Parents Everyday Challenges & Worries

101 topics the author of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions can address:

1. Adopted
2. Divorce
3. Middle Child
4. New Baby
5. Oldest Child
6. Only Child
7. Sibling Rivalry
8. Twins and Multiples
9. Youngest Child

10. Argues
11. Back Talk
12. Biting
13. Bossy
14. Brags
15. Defiant
16. Demanding
17. Hooked on Rewards
18. Impulsive
19. Indecisive
20. Swears
21. Tantrums
22. Time-Out
23. Whining
24. Won’t Listen
25. Yelling

Parenting in 2010 starts with Big Book of Parenting Solutions! Did you miss the sneak peek inside this fantastic book? Click here for the 10-part series!

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Resolution Reminder: Parenting 2010 – Getting ten steps ahead of your kids with technology.

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