Sue Scheff: Parenting 2010 - Get Educated Online!

Part 1 of a 5 part series for a "virtual make-over" in 2010!

As quickly as the holiday's have come upon us, New Year's is literally weeks away. What will your resolution be as a parent?

Parenting teens today is extremely challenging. With all the technology, cell phones, i-Phones, i-Pods, and much more, how can parents keep up?

As many times as we hear we need to be ten steps ahead of our kids technically, it seems almost impossible.

Here is part one of a five part series. As a parent you need to consider this New Year's resolution and take the time to make a difference in your child's life - technically speaking right now.

"Time" is the key word, and you never know what you will learn from your child in this process. This is a resolution every parent needs to consider, and honestly can't afford to ignore in today's hi-tech society.

Part 1 - Sit down with your child, and especially those with teens, and review each others social networking sites. Is there questionable photo's there? Are there words that are less than appropriate? Are there friends that may not be the best to associate with?

Explain why the photo's are not appropriate.

Talk to your child about why certain language is questionable and people may see you in a false light.

Give examples why a certain person may not be the best to associate with.

Children and teens need to understand what the post today can haunt them tomorrow. Teens need to understand the consequences of college recruiters that will Google you and may exclude you from consideration due to a questionable online presence. Children need to understand that they are vulnerable to Internet Predators and how to block contact from potential monsters that lurk online.

Part 2 - New Year's Resolution for parents: Create a family Blog for you and your teens.
Part 3 - Learn to monitor your children and teens online.
Part 4 - Books, resources and services to help educate parents online.
Part 5 - T.A.L.K. - opening the lines of communcation - both online and off.

References for parents to review: Social Web Tips for Teens, Chatroom Safety Tips, Cell Phone Safety Tips, Social Web Tips for Parents

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