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Here we are with the final quarter of Dr. Michele Borba's brilliant expertise with parenting issues. Her largest book to date, BIG Book of Parenting Solutions, has become one of the most requested parenting books. Not only are parents buying this book, many grandparents, daycare providers, coaches, teachers and anyone that works with today's kids are holding this book hostage as their direct guide to success.

Michele Borba Has Answers to Parents Everyday Challenges & Worries

101 topics the author of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions can address

77. Attention Deficit
78. Autism Spectrum Disorder
79. Depressed
80. Eating Disorders
81. Gifted
82. Learning Disabilities
83. Overweight


84, Bathroom Battles
85. Boredom
86. Chores
87. Communicating
88. Disorganized
89. Money
90. Moving
91. Overscheduled
92. Pets
93. Picky Eater
94. Safety
95. Sleepless
96. Traveling


97. Cell Phone
98. Cyberbullying
99. Internet Safety
100.TV Addiction
101.Video Games

There you are - 101 topics of parenting children today! Watch the short video and meet Michele Borba!

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