Sue Scheff: Josie Ratley (teen nearly beaten to death) Coming Home Soon - Supplies Needed, Please Donate

As Josie Ratley  turns a page in her recovery, she will need the generosity and support of the community to help her family as they prepare for her to come home.

According to Jowharah Sanders, founder of the National Voices for Equality, Education & Enlightenment,  (pronounced "Envy") and spokesperson for the Ratley Family, "There is a list of items the family will need at this time from the basic medical supplies, educational item, and a new home that will allow the family more space for a child whose primary form of transportation is now a wheelchair and a walker."

Among the items specifically noted are:


"Easy to read" books
Writing pads
Legos, blocks and any type of building items (to aid in motor skills)
Preschool learning toys
Electronic interactive learning items with batteries. The items include a Leap Frog learning Pad or leap Frog Computers and DynaVox EyeMax Educational Systems.
Magnetic letters and puzzles
Wall stickers in the shape of numbers of letters
Soft cushy balls in different colors (to aid in sensory development)
Learning CD's and music for children.


Artist sketch pads or water color pads
Colored pencils
Paints and brushes


Wash cloths that are white
Queen-size bedding and queen-size
Waterproof mattress covers
Gift Cards


Regular Gauze (size 2x2 and 4x4)
Rolled Gauze (2")
Normal saline
Medical tape
Allevyn (Adhesive Hydrocellular Dressing) in both sizes, 3x 3 and 5x5
Blue Chux Underpads or any type of disposable changing pads.

The requested items can be DROPPED OFF at the following locations:

Gallery 101
501 N. Andrews Avenue, Suite 103
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Fache Arts
750 NE 124 Street, Suite 2
North Miami, FL 33161

The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale
1799 S.E. 17th Street,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316


PO Box 23837
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33307
(954) 561-2626
** Please make checks payable to NVeEE/Josie Lou Ratley

For more information, please visit Pray for Josie Lou Ratley Facebook Group.

Please forward this list to all your friends in your contact list. If everyone gives a little, there will be a lot!

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