Sue Scheff: New Study - High Quality Child Care Leads to Smarter Teens

What is high quality child care? "It is all about interaction" says Parenting Expert, Michele Borba. "Warm supporting caregivers that give good quality cognitive stimulation is part of quality child care providers," she continues.

Dr. Michele Borba, Parenting Expert and Author, was featured on Today Show with Ann Curry on the new study just released and breaks down new findings that credit teens' high test scores to the high quality of day care during their younger years. (Watch video below).

The federally funded study, which has been tracking more than 1,300 children since 1991, found that obedience and academic problems among those who received low-quality care in their first 4 1/2 years of life persisted through their 15th birthdays, suggesting the potential for lifelong difficulties.

These results underscore the importance of interaction between children and their daytime caregivers according to experts.

Michele Borba has listed the Top 10 Questions to Ask Day Care Providers. Click here. Be sure to pick up The Big Book of Parenting Solutions. There isn't one parenting question or concern that goes unanswered.

Take the time to be an educated parent, you will have smarter and healthier teens!

Sources: Washington Post

Be sure to watch video and read more.

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