Sue Scheff: Parent Alert - Eyeballying a Dangerous Drinking Game Among Teens

Teenagers will be teenagers, however when their physical and emotional health is at risk, parents need to be parents - immediately.  Parents are the anti-drug.  Parents should be parents first and friends second.
This latest game, 'vodka eyeballing', which different theories link the trend back to British tabloids or Vegas nightclubs, is back.

There are two ways people can do it. The first is with a shot glass. However, because the name of the game is all about getting drunk quickly, some people just take a bottle of booze and pour it straight to the eye.

According to News4Jax, "It can lead to severe and ultimately permanent blindness," said Dr. Amit Chokshi, a local ophthalmologist.

What can parents do? Talk to your teens. Education and communication is the key to prevention. 

Be Too Smart to Start.

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