Sue Scheff: Happy Father's Day - A Chance to Better A Dad

Let's face it, parenting it not easy.  Whether it is from generations earlier or parenting today, there are always challenges.  The good news is all those mistakes usually end up in learning experiences.

These are experiences you pass on your next generation.  As we have heard time and time again, children are not born with a manual.  Although if they were, it would be on the best-sellers list and stay there for a long time.  Many parents have only their parent's to fall back on.

This can mean several things.  One very important point is, if you know that some of your mother or father's parenting skills were not helpful, you have the power to change.  You have the options in life to correct those mistakes and be a better parent.

Mistakes can be bumps in life that teach you to learn new ways to parent.

So this father's day, embrace your mistakes and learn from them.  Parenting is never going to get easier, but taking the good from the bad is always your choice.

Happy Father's Day!  100 years of celebrating fathers and father figures!

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